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So the day before yesterday I had an idea for a a Borderlands AU. I'm not saying it's necessarily the greatest idea, but it would certainly be interesting. It would be called Agents of Hyperion (or maybe H.Y.P.E.R.I.O.N. If I could come up with  decent meanings for the initials) and it would pretty much be a Borderlands-ification of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Athena would for sure be Agent May, Lilith as Grant Ward, some combination of Vaughn, Sasha, and Rhys as Fitzsimmons (though I could also maybe see Rhys as Coulson because of the fanboy factor), Jack as Coulson (or possibly Fury if Rhys is Coulson, maybe?), and either Maya, Angel, or Fiona as Skye.  I haven't come up with anybody for Mac (I could see maybe Roland?), Bobbi, Trip, or Hunter though.
Any suggestions for those four or for the people I couldn't decide between? 


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Kami Spangler
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I've always been a strange, sweaty, geeky OCD girl who loves comics, writing, and drawing and always will be.


At Least It Was Here
The 6th entry in the CN Tributes Collection (you can find the rest here:…), this time for Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. I've been rewatching Foster's recently, so I figured it should be next. Decided to try something new and experimental in coloring in everybody and with the line art, though I have done up a similar background. One of my goals for the Tributes was to make them each different and unique from one another and I think that this fits the criteria. The title comes from a song by the 88 of the same name, which is also the theme song for Community.
I've been working on part 12 of Destroyed again, so I might be posting that some time this weekend or early next week. This chapter is probably not going to wrap everything up, but hopefully the one after it will, and I'd like to write up some alternate endings as well. I know it's not a popular fic by any means, but I'd like to finish it. Don't know if I'll write any more PPG fics in that AU after this. After all, it's hardly gotten attention and I'm not sure I have any more ideas. After this I'm mainly going to be focusing on the CN Tributes Collection--with a few rag doll sets thrown in here and there-- so I don't know how much fan fiction or poems I'm going to be writing any time soon.
Dances With Demons
I wanted to get this done before season five comes out and I did with about a month to spare. Drew most of it yesterday afternoon and inked and colored it last night. Originally, the only thing that wasn't going to be in black and white/greyscale was going to be Aku's face, but I added some color to Jack's sword and a hint of blue around his outline and the outline of the rectangle. I only have one grey marker, so I ended up breaking out the crayons on the partial background and for Jack's face and arms. Serves as my fifth CN Tribute. You can find the rest here:…
Aku Sketch
This was originally going to be for a Samurai Jack tribute, but I realized it was too big for what I needed it for. However, I still liked it somewhat and decided to keep it around. Maybe one of these days, I'll color Aku in.
The Perils of Mad Science
After about a year and a half comes my fourth entry into the CN Tributes Collection. I had originally stopped drawing because I got stuck on the designs for Ben 10 and KND tributes. I still don't know to do with those two, so I skipped them for now. Decided to draw a Dexter's Laboratory tribute next instead. It's the first time I've drawn Dexter (not counting his rag doll counter part, which is based on his FusionFall design) and I think it turned out pretty nice considering. You can find the rest of the CN Tributes Collection here:…


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