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So the day before yesterday I had an idea for a a Borderlands AU. I'm not saying it's necessarily the greatest idea, but it would certainly be interesting. It would be called Agents of Hyperion (or maybe H.Y.P.E.R.I.O.N. If I could come up with  decent meanings for the initials) and it would pretty much be a Borderlands-ification of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Athena would for sure be Agent May, Lilith as Grant Ward, some combination of Vaughn, Sasha, and Rhys as Fitzsimmons (though I could also maybe see Rhys as Coulson because of the fanboy factor), Jack as Coulson (or possibly Fury if Rhys is Coulson, maybe?), and either Maya, Angel, or Fiona as Skye.  I haven't come up with anybody for Mac (I could see maybe Roland?), Bobbi, Trip, or Hunter though.
Any suggestions for those four or for the people I couldn't decide between? 


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Kami Spangler
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I've always been a strange, sweaty, geeky OCD girl who loves comics, writing, and drawing and always will be.


Bigby Wolf and Snow White Rag Dolls by AgentofMischief
Bigby Wolf and Snow White Rag Dolls
Some the Wolf Among Us fan art I drew last week, but forgot to post. I've only played the first episode, but it seems cool so far and I'm always a sucker for choice based games.
I’ve only played through the first episode of the Wolf Among Us, but I think I’m probably going to draw some Bigby and Snow rag dolls. I have a Photoshop-esque program I can use now, so I might end up coloring it in on the computer, but probably not, because I don’t have a scanner at home.
This thing we built,
Made from Death and Broken Dreams,
I suppose it was doomed from the start,
But I never expected it to carry you away from me,
Across the boiling sea,
As you sail away in your black ship,
Eyes closed for good, 
It was supposed to carry me with you,
But it took off too soon,
And I'm left here with a bleeding heart,
Wondering if you're enjoying the Next Life. 
The words just kind of popped into my head last night while I was listening to Alice Isn't Dead. (And no, I don't think Alice really is dead.)
With each passing day,
I'm born anew,
An entirely different person than yesterday;
It's no wonder that we don't really know each other any more.
Max and Chloe Rag Dolls by AgentofMischief
Max and Chloe Rag Dolls
I finished watching a walkthrough for Life Is Strange on Sunday and then drew this on Monday, so it might be kinda sloppy because I was still pretty emotional about the ending they chose. (Who am I kidding? I'm STILL emotional about it. I tried to put as many possible details as I could, but I couldn't fit everything, hence the lack of graphics on Max's shirt. 

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