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We Interrupt This Program To Bring You... :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 11 1 A Long Ways From Stormalong Harbor :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 1 0 Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith Rag Dolls :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 2 0 Gen 1 Starter Pokemon Rag Dolls :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 5 0
Destroyed: a PPG Story pt. 12
 Getting out of there must've done her good, because when she woke up, she was flying. No. She wasn't flying, but the person carrying her was. Just ahead, she spotted a blue trail that stood out ever so slightly against the sky. Bubbles. Good, her sister was safe.
 She turned her head, wincing as she did, to see Dexter, looking a mix of nauseous and excited. He was being carried in one arm and she in the other. Rex's arms.
 Buttercup remembered Mojo insisting that only Bubbles hear his side of the story and then she'd been...dizzy...then waking up. 
 "Wha's goin' on!" Buttercup yelled.
 "Townsville Volcano is erupting! We need to evacuate everybody!" Rex called.
 "Lemme down! I can help!"
 "No can do! You passed out earlier! We're getting you, Dex, and Mojo to a safe location!" 
 "What about the Professor and everybody else?! We can't just leave them here!" the brunette exclaimed.
 "Your sister has already contacted Mayor Bellum an
:iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 2 0
Nibiru Fallen
And although their lives were better,
They still felt bitter,
Leaving their old world behind,
"This place just isn't right,
Doesn't feel like the way we left it,"
They would say.
Drove off into the sunset,
In their van,
Never seen by friends or family again--
Gonna solve some mysteries in this strange new land,
Unmask the monsters,
Face their demons,
But it was the same as it never was,
And it never really was their world--
Off and away to the Miskatonic University.
:iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 4 0
The Final Pam and Metal Husband Rag Dolls :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 2 0 Abed and Troy Rag Dolls :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 0 0 The Power Plant :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 7 0 At Least It Was Here :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 7 2 Dances With Demons :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 4 0 Aku Sketch :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 2 0 The Perils of Mad Science :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 4 1 Alex and Jonas Rag Dolls :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 2 1 Sam Giddings and Josh Washington Rag Dolls :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 2 0 Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane Rag Dolls :iconagentofmischief:AgentofMischief 0 0


SW Sketch by Simone D'Armini :iconecomrad:EComrad 1 0 Omnitrix :iconsovereigntears:SovereignTears 109 4 Death buying flowers :iconsandara:sandara 3,720 168 Cartoon Cartoons :icondrummerboydomo:DrummerboyDomo 585 140 CharacterPoll #17: Mandy :iconkaiyuan:kaiyuan 74 32 PPG Chapter 3 page 103 :iconrossowinch:RossoWinch 28 14 Toph Beifong :iconsaxitlurg:saxitlurg 41 3 Daily Paint 1580. Zenguin :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,664 119 Drag Me Down... :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 1,603 0 just nuts and bolts... :icona-spooky-stranger:A-Spooky-Stranger 307 27 It's Good No Worries :icontv-headache:tv-headache 247 6 SHINY TREASURE :iconapolar:Apolar 799 135 The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack :iconrurushich:Rurushich 240 38 Heroes United :icontimothypan:TimothyPan 26 2 ATLA :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 6,518 162 Gamora- Guardians of the Galaxy :iconavionetca:Avionetca 714 94

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I'm not yet halfway done (after I start on the Ben 10 tribute I will be), but I was wondering, which of these are your favorites and why and which would you be most likely to wear on, say, a t-shirt?…


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Kami Spangler
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I've always been a strange, sweaty, geeky OCD girl who loves comics, writing, and drawing and always will be.


I'm not yet halfway done (after I start on the Ben 10 tribute I will be), but I was wondering, which of these are your favorites and why and which would you be most likely to wear on, say, a t-shirt?…
I have a few ideas for the next several CN Tributes, but there's really only three right now I have a clear of what I want to do with them. I'm probably going to draw a Ben 10 tribute next (probably just for the original series, might do something for the other three series later), but should I do an Evil Con Carne or Chowder tribute after that?
We Interrupt This Program To Bring You...
I drew, inked, and colored the everything in last night. I don't know how obvious it is, but the concept is that Courage is trapped in the T.V. (in Muriel and Eustace's living room) by some spooky individual that he encountered. Everything is done in permanent markers, except the yellow of the wallpaper and the gray on the T.V. screen, which is crayon. This Courage the Cowardly Dog tribute is also the eighth tribute in my CN Tributes Collection. You can find the rest here:…
A Long Ways From Stormalong Harbor
The seventh entry in the CN Tributes Collection, (you can find the rest here:… ) this time for the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. I'm considering doing rewatch soon, but I'm trying to get caught up with TAZ, so I don't know when that'll be exactly.
Technically speaking, I only got done with this last night. Not sure why I decided to draw this horizontally, but it did give me more room, so there's that.
Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith Rag Dolls
Drew these two earlier this week. Not gonna lie, this is probably the easiest thing I've drawn lately, if only because the character designs are so simple. I started watching Rick and Morty late last year and it's one of my favorite Adult Swim shows.


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